Sunday, October 30, 2011

Movies with the best yells.

There is no order to this list, I just want to post about movies with yelling that I enjoy.

The Incredible Hulk:  Remember when he was all "Hulk...SMASH!"  Totally awesome, I rewound that chunk of the scene and set it in my blu ray live thing, it gets me so pumped for using the bathroom, or buying food.  "Hulk hate paper bag!  Hulk bring own bag!"

Seven:  Brad Pitt was all "No!  Nooooo!!"  Just screaming his head off and freaking out.  That was pretty kickass.  It gave me chills.  I'm gonna go watch that movie again now.

Spider-Man 3:  Peter Parker was ripping the symbiote off and then the bell rings.  That thing screeched like a banshee, it was amazing.  I never thought you could recreate such an amazing moment from comic to film.  In a mediocre movie, that was a spot of brilliance.

I know there are more, but I forget them, and now my hands won' stop shaking with caffeine.  I'm going to go stare at a brick wall until my heart stops beating.  Maybe I'll vibrate through the wall.  Fingers crossed!

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