Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wolf Watch 1

From the computer of Brandon, Master of Words/Possible Werewolf.

ok so here’s the situation-I got bit by some giant wolf creature, and after extensive research it turns out wolves don’t have thumbs and yell out “Kill me!” when they attack you outside the mall.

so my bite wound healed, and while I know that full moons are going to set me off, I haven’t become an actual werewolf yet.  I haven’t even begun to crave raw meat or gained any super speed.  The doctor my dad took me to said i may never even change, but the fast healing is evidence that i should expect a change.  Dad's stocking up on silver and chains.

It just sucks because Trent-that’s right, football star douchnozzle Trent- got bit by a vampire last month and he never stops using his vampire powers.  I’ve been stuffed into a locker almost every day since he turned, and he says it happened overnight for him.  Now he has his own harem?  Total suckage.  and why doesn't he die in the sun?  Doing the research...

Oh, Tiffany talked to me yesterday, it was AWESOME.  She was all “Do you have a pen?” and I went “Yeah, right here.”  And then she returned it later!  The only problem was that she called me “Barry”, which isn’t exactly “Brandon”, but it’s close! i really hope Trent doesnt bite her

Well I gotta go, my mom wants to exorcise the werewolf demon from my body, even though I’m pretty sure it’s not a demon but a virus, but she’s always been a worrier.  Later internet!

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