Thursday, March 22, 2012

Point of View: The Brain

And now, the brain of Brian “The Binge” Johnson, four time world champion hot dog eater, as he begins his match.

Remember, it takes twenty minutes for the brain to realize the body is eating.  Let’s walk through this minute by minute.

Minute 1
Boy, it sure is great to be Brian Johnson’s brain.  He never does drugs, reads a lot, this sure is nice.  It’s a nice day and there’re so many sounds to interpret!

Minute 2
Well well, it seems the ears told the mouth to start something, and boy is the mouth going!  Hey, the arms are helping too!  How about the legs and feet?

Minute 3
Hm, the lower part of the body is just sitting.  That’s weird, because the mouth is chewing pretty hardcore.  At least I think it’s chewing. 

Minute 4
It MUST be chewing, because the mouth is going and NO ONE asked for my input.  I hope they would want my input, I mean I AM the brain after all.

Minute 5
I wonder if we left the stove on.

Minute 6
I sure do like sex.  Ok, the mouth is doing something, but what?

Minute 7
Maybe if I figure out the arms.  Back and forth a lot.  A dunking motion, but always to the mouth really fast.  This is SO weird.

Minute 8
Maybe he’s…I can’t figure it out, I’m a blank, there’s no set thought to anything he’s doing, it’s so mechanical. 

Minute 9
It’s like he’s doing something he practiced over and over, like all those eating competitions!

Minute 10
Wait a minute.  Is he eating?

Minute 11
How crazy would it be if he was in an eating competition right now?  Hah, how wacky. 

Minute 12
Boy the arms and mouth are still going at it, impressive.  Wait, a sudden stop?

Minute 13
Boy, this gets weirder and weirder.  Now we’re leaning back, the hands are resting on the belly, and the belly is trying to tell me something.

Minute 14
“Boo crunch tood?”  “Doo bunch glue?”  Stomach, I don’t understand a thing you just tried to tell me.

Minute 15
Hey alright!  We’re being handed a trophy!  I wonder what for.  Probably for something awesome.

Minute 16
I think having sex with my girlfriend tonight would be great.  Oh!  Also Jessica Simpson before she got heavy.

Minute 17
Oh wow, why does stomach keep bouncing around?  He doesn’t seem very happy.

Minute 18
Great, now the esophagus is acting up, trying to return something.  Hey guys!  We can’t return anything we didn’t get!

Minute 19
Boy, why would stomach and esophagus try to throw up when we haven’t even eaten anything yet?

Minute 20

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