Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Have your webbing cake and Batarang it too

I am excited for both "The Amazing Spider-Man" AND "The Dark Knight Rises".  Never mind that pronouncing both titles in one sentence requires a masters degree (lies, I only have a Bachelors), but I can't wait to see the Spider-Man reboot and  The Dark Knight Rises.

I mention this because I've noticed a trend both in the online community and my friends.  When the first ASM trailer showed people actually booed it in theaters.  But recently I notice more talk of wanting to see The Amazing Spider-Man and less wanting to see The Dark Knight Rises.

My theory is that people just don't want to see the ride end for Christopher Nolan.  We had an amazing and well done reboot in one film, an incredible portrayal of both the Joker and Two-Face in the second film, and now we're going to be given the possible film debut of Batman being broken by the only villain capable of the deed.  It's like getting to the end of a good book and wishing more pages would magically appear.

I still think TDKR will sell like crazy, but not as much as TDK due to the lack of Heath Ledger.  I spend many an hour wondering if The Dark Knight Rises would have a Bane and Joker face off, but I must accept there's no more film Joker in any project Christopher Nolan is involved with.  Still, Bane is a great villain, Tom Hardy is an amazing actor, and the entire team is top notch.  So it's possible that the acting and drama have been kicked up a notch to make up for the lack of "Bwa hahahaha" and "Let's put a smile on that FACE" from the man who made a million Halloween costumes the October after The Dark Knight hit theaters.

I will reiterate, I am looking forward to both films and regret being out of the country for the premier of TDKR (I'm not paying to watch a movie in France with goddamn subtitles) but I can't wait for the beginning of Marc Webb's vision and the end of Christopher Nolan's vision.  Oh shit!  There's a theme there!  Engage!

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