Thursday, July 26, 2012

Top ten reason to dislike zombies

So there are several reasons to not be a fan of zombies.  If you're unsure what the reasons should be then take a gander at the list below.

Let's make this a flag!

10. Zombies are technically spreading a vicious strain of STDs.

9. Zombies never wash their clothes.

8. Zombies steer the conversation to what they care about no matter the subject.  The subject being brains.

7. Zombies rarely comb their hair if they have it.

6. When a relative (parents, siblings, etc) becomes a zombie they make your life difficult on purpose.

5. Zombies don't understand that "no" means "no".

4. Zombies are lazy and selfish.

3. Zombies always gang up on you in every situation.

2. Zombies always break your doors and windows.

1. Zombies never offer to share your brains with you.

And now a single reason to like zombies in the interest of fairness.
1. Zombies are better than those faggy vampires.

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