Friday, September 30, 2011

Faque FAQs 2

Why do bears like honey?
Bears really enjoy honey because they honey helps them find people with baskets of food.  There is a pheromone in honey that, upon consumption, allows a bear to smell human flesh, which gives off a particular odor, up to five miles.  This means as long as a bear has honey in its system, it can find any human within five miles of the bear’s position. 

Why does beer make people drunk?
People only have so many white cells in their body.  The fewer white cells a person has, the more sluggish they are and the sillier they act.  Beer, when drunk, makes the white cells temporarily nonexistent.  Hence we act like fools, or “drunk” because our white cell count is extremely low.  After a few hours the white cells come back into existence, which can be painful, hence the occurrence of hangovers.

Are these real answers? 

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