Monday, November 14, 2011

Five things I want from the upcoming Deadpool movie.

There is a Deadpool movie slated for 2014 based on the Marvel comics character.  I am excited about this because I am a huge Deadpool fan.  Now, being a fan AND a nerd, it is my civic internet duty (hehe "duty") to discuss the film and what I want from it.  Like making ransom demands when I have nothing to ransom, here are the top 5 things I want from this film when it eventually hits theaters.

Deadpool, the merc with a mouth.

5.  Make him to freak out over losing his mask.
     Early Deadpool comics made it important to the character that his real face, the scarred wreck of skin, never be seen.  I would like to see Ryan Reynolds scream “My face!  Give me back MY FACE!”  That could add a bit of drama to the film and make the uninitiated care about Deadpool as a character.  Plus we’re going to have to see his messed up face eventually.

4.  Reference the audience/ break down that 4th wall
     I was not satisfied with his crappy “Shhh” at the end of Wolverine Origins, we need Ryan Reynolds to go all Zach Morris and turn to the audience, telling them “You get where I’m coming from!”  They don’t need to overdo it, but they need to do it properly.

3.  Reference T-Ray or make him the villain
     Spider-Man has Green Goblin, Captain America has Red Skull, and Deadpool has T-Ray.  Sure Hollywood will try to get a more well known foe for Deadpool to fight, or they’ll make the Merc with a Mouth off some generic mob boss.  But At least referencing T-Ray would be the coolest, show some big ass dude with a band-aid over his nose and wielding some dark magic, that would be the best scene to end on.  

2.  To be an action comedy
     Don’t make it straight up action with bits of humor like Wolverine Origins.  Make it a half and half production.  Deadpool is constantly talking and is always hilarious, so make us laugh while he’s shooting guys in the face.  Or chuckle during the big ass explosion (you know there will be at least one).  Most people I know who read the Joe Kelly run or the Daniel Way run laugh out loud at least three or four times per weekly issue.  Anytime I’m bummed I pick up a Deadpool collection and let it lift my spirits.

1.  To be rated R.
     There is nothing wrong with a PG-13 movie, but the Deadpool comics are often filed with potty language and are always violent.  As much as it make me sound like a greasy nerd who wants more violence and bloodshed, it’s really just me wanting the movie to keep true to the material on a level that makes sense.

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