Friday, November 11, 2011

Thoughts on 3-D Movies

It's dumb.

Maybe dumb is the wrong word.  "Insulting" works.  "Unnecessary" fits pretty well.

I understand that movies are trying to keep up with television in the numbers, but I think it's wrong to use a gimmick like 3-D to bring the numbers up when they could just write better stories and not go straight to the cheap and easy solution.

It could also be a problem of inflation.  There are more and more movies being made, and to insure they aren't all the same, tactics must be shifted.  Shifted is the wrong word, but I don't have time to find the right word.

I would like to get Sun Tzu's teaching's into the world of film production.  The Art of War and Film has a nice ring to it.

It is said that it's a miracle any movie gets made.  Considering how many movies come out each year, that statement seems suspect to hyperbole and outright lies.  Perhaps if you're in a position of little to no power it's tough to get a movie made, but if you're a jack-ass with no idea what the public wants or needs and just want to see your paycheck get bigger.

I'm sure that last statement carries a lot of weight since SO many film executives read my blog. (That was sarcasm kids.  Also, if you're an actual kid, please stop reading this, I say dirty words.  Like "poop" and "potty" and "fucknards")

Back to the topic at hand.  3-D movies seem like a terrible idea because you need glasses to watch them, they cost more to make and watch, and there are many, many people who can't even get the 3-D to work (pirates, and people with legitimate eye problems).  Even when they make a movie with 3-D in mind, how am I supposed to enjoy it at home?  I don't have the funds to buy a 3-D television that only 2 people can watch at a time.  Ridiculous.
Anyway, Those are my thoughts on 3-D movies.

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