Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Series of Letters to myself in the future and past after traveling through time

Dear Blake at 6:40 PM March 23rd 2011
            You did it!  I am writing this seconds after traveling forward in time approximately three months.  I’m in the same room as when I left, the main difference is that there are different books on the shelf and I’m pretty sure if I check the fridge the milk will have been bad for awhile.  How exciting!  Next I may try traveling backwards in time.

Best Wishes!
-Blake at 6:40 PM June 23rd 2011

Dear Blake at 6:41 PM March 23rd 2011
            This is Blake in the 1970s!  I can’t be more specific since I never planned for exact years, but there are bell bottoms everywhere and everything feels laid back yet on the verge of riot at the same time.  I guess the room wasn’t here back then as I’m in a field with the device.  There is a group of people walking over to me, they look a little displeased.  I’ll simply explain what has happened and ask to speak with President Nixon, he’ll tide things over.

See you in 40 years!
Blake at 6:40 PM March 23rd sometime in the 1970s

Dear Blake at 6:42 PM March 23rd 2011
            It’s the Blake from three months into the future.  I don’t know what you did in the span between your time and mine, but all of these books are in French and there’s a basement full of shaved cats that were definitely not there 3 months ago.  Did you go mad with the idea of time travel and dig out a basement only to fill it with cats to be shaved?  Also tell Blake from the 1970s to NOT talk to Jack Nicholson about his movie roles, things will go poorly.

Best of luck sir.
Blake at 7:13 PM June 23rd 2011

Dear Blake at 6:43 PM June 23rd 2011
            It’s the Blake form the 70’s and things just got fucked up.  I ran into Jack Nicholson and told him “Chinatown” is crap and he freaked and dropped the project.  Now Mark Hamill is starring and I worry that may upset the time stream. 

Stay Strong
Blake from the 70’s

Dear Blake at 6:44 PM March 23rd 2011
            It’s Blake from three months into the future, and the movie you’re waiting to go see is terrible.  It’s nothing but explosions, no story, the cast is a joke, and the production values are so sad that it makes my camera phone legitimate competition.  Again, do not go to see Avatar 2: Pandora Rising.  It’s no good.

Love yourself!
Blake from June 23rd 2011

Dear Future and Past Blakes
            This is Blake from 6:40 PM March 23rd 2011.  STOP SENDING LETTERS.  I’m already bored with the time machine and decided to add a basement to my house so knock it off.  I don’t care if the time stream is broken or what will happen in three months.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go to Home Decorum and get some tools for my anti capitalist basement for the Czar.  Oh how he hates cats.

All Hail Glorious Leader Charles Sheen,
Comrade Blake

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