Friday, November 30, 2012

Less Obvious Uses for Time Travel

We all know that if time travel were an option there would be the obvious choices of first tasks.  Go back and kill Hitler. Witness the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  Redo on that horrible prom incident.  You know the one.

However once all that super awesome stuff is finished, what else could one do with time travel?  Here is a short list of great ideas you may not have thought of.

-While at a restaurant rewind time as the check comes.  You're now full and the meal was free.
-Make your puppy stay a puppy forever.  No more heart breaking dog death or awful "teen years" for Rex.
-Do like Bill Murray and "Ground Hog Day" over and over until you get the perfect day.
-Do the Ground Hog thing with sex and bang that chick a million times.
-Brag to cavemen about having sex a million times.
-Wreck your own home, then cleanup within seconds.  Technically negative time since it never happened.  Why is my nose bleeding all of a sudden?
-Get drunk as hell off of one beer with constant rewinding.
-Post to your blog on time for once in your damn life.

So there you go folks, there are some possibly not previously considered options for time travel before the government breaks own your door for the device.

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