Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ten Reasons to not trust Aliens

10. Aliens probe you.

9.  Aliens will never pay back that money they owe you.

8.  Aliens stay up late playing Call of Duty at full volume while you're trying to sleep.

7.  Aliens never offer to help move even though they can transport matter instantaneously.

6.  Aliens fucking probe you.

5.  Aliens always arrive late and make you miss the previews to movies.

4.  Aliens use their horrible appearance to scare little kids.

3.  Aliens leave a tiny bit of milk in the carton.  Not enough for cereal or coffee, just enough to make you mad.

2.  Aliens say rude things about you to your face, but in their alien language so you don't know until you translate it online later.


Close encounters of the jerk kind.

Everything posted here is for fun and not intended for malicious use.  Thanks to whatever site I got the picture from for not raising a fit.

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