Monday, August 8, 2011

Bathrooms on Camera

Bathrooms are a sacred place that mean something different to each specific person that resides inside of them.  However, there are occasions when a bathroom is on film, and on occasion that filming is warranted.  While most would not want bathrooms on film, these chunks of movie magic remind us why bathrooms and toilets are so great.    This is Bathrooms on Camera!

Film: The Boondock Saints
Scene:  When Norman Reedus jumps off the roof and knocks out the Russian with a toilet.

Sometimes a toilet is more the star than the full bathroom, and today’s famous toilet is the porcelain bowl in the film “The Boondock Saints”.  Hailed as a cult classic, Boondock Saints made it cool to be Irish.  Also they murder a shitload of guys.  Like a crazy number.

But the Super MacManus Bros would not be shooting holes in every breathing sinner in Boston without the strategic placement of the toilet in the brothers’ humble apartment. 

(I would like remind all viewers that I do not own this video, I am simply replaying it from YouTube am claim no rights, I only mean to educate the reader.)

Now that you've watched the  video, notice the way he never could have saved his brother without the power of their toilet.  Like Thor’s hammer, any toilet becomes a powerful weapon to wield in battles great and small.  This is the only scene where a toilet is used extensively, but that’s only because you can’t abuse the power of the toilet, or the toilet will strike back and punish those who are not ready for the power that is the toilet.  And that is why bathrooms should be regarded as holy places, and don’t chain an Irishman to a toilet or you will get beat down.  To the ground.

If they had not utilized the power of the toilet, both brothers, or at least Murphy, would be dead, thus making the film short and really boring, not the awesome Irish-American shooting fest it is now.  They don’t use any toilets later in the movie, but that’s good because you never want to rely on a toilet too often, whether you’re fighting with it or pooping.   Remember, toilet dependency is no laughing matter. 

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