Thursday, August 16, 2012

Movieholic: Total Recall

I have a theory about Total Recall and the ad campaign.

They showed the trailer for Total Recall for just about EVERY action movie that came out inthe past few months.  There's the one trailer with the exact same sequence of scenes cut together to serve as an advertisement.  This is not aspoiler to say just about every scene in the movie was in the trailer.  After watching the trailer more than three times, and thens eeing the movie, every twenty minutes or so I caught myself going "Oh yeah, this is when Quaid does this thing!".

My theory is that the studio wanted you to "recall" the trailer over and over so it's like you're the one in that weird chair.  There, theory posited, discuss.

Quick synopsis: Doug Quaid (Farrell) hates his life, tries Rekall, finds out he's a double agent, kicks ass against his wife Lori (Beckinsale) kicks ass with Melina (Biel) and spends most of the movie trying to find out who he really is.

Being a summer movie, Total Recall did it's job in that it was fun to watch.  It had the proper mixture of everything you need for a late summer sci fi action movie.  There were fight scenes, a dash of philosophical exchange from the source material, a little bit of drama, and then more wanton destruction.  Mix in a bowl of dystopian future and voila, a new Total Recall feed your sci-i and action hunger.

That being said I felt that for a movie loosely based on anything by Phillip K. Dick there was an awful lot of action.  Like so much action.  I felt tired after watching due to the amount of moving and punching on screen.  Though that didn't stop the director from tossing in bits of the original short story as weirdly timed dialogue in a way that felt like he used copy and paste methods.

Go team Recall for the subplot about class wars and corrupt people in positions of power, but it felt like they put it in due to "It's science fiction so it's required".

But everyone did their character fine, Bryan Cranston always get s a yay vote from me and Colin Farrell was in his element.  Since I consider Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale the same person from different timelines, it was weird watching them go head to head.

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