Sunday, August 19, 2012

Top Ten Reason why I am the best.

10. I always make my bed for my maid, who I tip extra.

9.  I eat my vegetables which I grow organically.

8.  I save gas when I drive my Hybrid Car while buying gas for others.

7.  I give tens and twenties to homeless people.

6.  I read instead of watching TV or surfing the internet.

5.  I recycle to the extreme (I haven't drank water I didn't clean myself for the past ten years).

4.  I rescue animals, children, ugly folk and old people.

3.  I take time out of my day to ask how other are doing and then I give them a shoulder rub.

2.  I give my blood until they legally stop me.

1. I went back in time and fucking killed Hitler like a motherfucker.  Oh things didn't change?  Imagine that!

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